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What problems does a divorced man face? What are the feelings of a woman in the process of divorce as she seeks to rebuild her life, the decisions she must make? And what about the children involved in the breakup of a marriage; does this shattering experience affect them? These are some of the questions explored in this searching novel about the sensitive subject of divorce.

Ray Randall is a professional artist, a high school teacher, and a priest in the church. Yet his marriage has failed, and in his attempt to deal with it he blames himself. He struggles to find healing through nature, through a closer examination of his religious beliefs, and through the relationship with his young son.

Mira Lavalle, young and impulsive, has run away from a destructive marriage in which she felt stifled, unable to grow. Now she must build a new life for herself, on her own, with a three-your-old child to care for. As she seeks to provide for their physical needs, she is drawn into an unfortunate friendship which threatens to bring her as much grief as her marriage did.

Lightning in the Fog is the story of these two people as they try to bring order and meaning into their lives after a disasterous experience. It is also the story of the people who try to help them, some wisely, others not so wisely. Above all, it is the story of healing, of renewed hope, an affirmation of the wholeness of life.

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