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The Light of the Morning is a historical novel about the rise of the Latter Day Saint religious movement in nineteenth-century America. Told from many points of view, the novel depicts the struggles and joys, the triumphs and hardships of a small group of people dedicated to establishing the church of Christ once more upon the earth.

Let the pages of the book take you back to a bygone era, the wilderness of frontier America. Walk with Joseph Smith as he climbs the hill in western New York and discovers the key to a past civilization. Go to Ohio and Missouri with the first missionaries of the new faith as they struggle through winter storms to bring the news to the western lands. Journey with the Saints as they migrate westward, leaving homes and farms in New York for an unknown destination. Hope with them as they seek to bring forth a kingdom of God on the frontier.

This book is for young and old alike. You will be captivated by this unusual retelling of early Latter Day Saint history. Written in simple, direct language, the book invites you to experience and understand in a vivid, new way this exciting portion of American history.

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